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IT IMPRESS is your ideal partner when you are in need of an out of the box customized web solution for your business. Our team of professionals boast of years of experience in building responsive WordPress and woo commerce websites. WordPress and WooCommerce are considered the future of website solutions considering their robustness and flexibility capped with the ability to accommodate advanced functionality to suit every business needs. Get in touch for a quote today.

6 Reasons Why WordPress and WooCommerce Are the Future of web development

WordPress has since evolved from a simple solution designed for bloggers to one of the most cost-effective content management tool to ever built using an open source framework. The functionality and flexibility offered by WordPress in unquestionable considering its ability to work with numerous theme designs and plug-ins. Many businesses and web developer’s have since adopted WordPress as their default CMS for website development.

The following are the reasons why WordPress and WooCommerce stand out as powerful content management tools ever;

WordPress is Open Source

As opposed to many content management systems available which require a license and an annual fee, WordPress is open source and free for anyone to use. WordPress has a huge global community of developers who update the framework day in day out which guarantees updated security patches and new functionalities. Proprietary CMS solutions are costly and rarely provide updates which make them susceptible to security threats and even being outdated as technology advances

WooCommerce and WordPress Offer the Best of Both Worlds

Adding e-commerce functionality to an existing website can be very challenging and costly and in some cases it may require the website to be completely rebuilt using an e-commerce framework however with WordPress you can easily integrate your existing website with the official WordPress shopping cart plug-in i.e. WooCommerce this is always a plus as you will have an e-commerce website with the mix of a flexible and robust content management system whit a whole lot of functionalities considering most e-commerce frameworks out there lack the ability to function as reliable content management systems.

WordPress is scalable

WordPress has greatly benefited from the large community of developers providing constant updates and Plug-ins which ensures you are able to add and advanced functionality of your website without much hustle regardless of the type of functionality. With WordPress you are assured that you will not be rebuilding a new website each time your requirements evolve.

WordPress is secure and its features can be easily updated

WordPress websites are less susceptible to cyber attacks because of the constant updates and security patches developed by the open source community. With WordPress websites you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues considering the frequent updates will always counter the technological advances both web browsers and mobile software’s. WordPress updates do not require complex mechanisms and technical knowhow to be rolled out as they can be run by just a click of a button.

WordPress provides room for customization

WordPress offers many website design capabilities that can be customized to fit the branding and purpose of the website regardless of the type of business. It is not necessarily that one has to choose from a list of predefined templates as many are led to believe but WordPress offers the option of a totally customized website.

WordPress is user centered

WordPress is designed to ensure users have an easy time during content management. If offers an insightful and user-friendly interface as compare to other platforms which are cumbersome to use and requires high level of technical expertise to use. WordPress also provides SEO plug-ins to enable users to manage SEO services without expert’s intervention. It also offers a wide range of features with respective materials to help business owners manage their business without much hustle.