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Website Development


Websites are a crucial element of businesses and can be viewed as the focal point of information and business interaction. The following are the functions of the website:

Acts as an online business listing with full contact details

It is a catalog presenting all the services and products offered

It is the sales pitch stating why clients should chose your business over other businesses

It is a support portal complete with FAQs and important information for existing and potential clients

It is the businesses voice and can be used to offer professional advice, news and opinion.

It is the means by which new clients learn about your business

Assist customers to acquire your services round the clock

With the above functions in mind it is essential to partner with a proficient web developer so as to ensure your website is a success.

The following is what you should understand know about web development;

  1. Web Development is Not a “Once and Done” Project

Web development is a continuing process considering the dynamic nature of technological trends. Getting your website online is only the first stage of its lifecycle; there will be need for constant updates in relation to the growth of your business and also change in digital demands and trends. Your web developer of choice should be able to advise you on the current web development trends and the evolving nature of web technologies which is primarily the reason why you should not compromise on the initial cost of getting your business online because it may mean larger costs in the long run. Ensure the developers will commit to future support and maintenance therefore you should consider hiring a local developer experienced and well versed with the design and development process.

  1. Keep User Experience at the Heart of Web Development

A slick and stylish website doesn’t mean the website is going to achieve it purpose. Although it is essential for your website to look good to complement your brand too much pomp and color can have adverse effects on the performance of the website. Unnecessary effects should be kept out of the way and large file sizes such as videos and or code can slow down page load times which can put off users. Ensure it is always an easy ride for the end user when navigating your website in search for something and should guide them through transactions in an intuitive way. There is no point of having a beautiful website that does not achieve its purpose of creation therefore ensure with the help of a web developer you analyze the needs of your business and come up with an end product that will be a success.

  1. Have a Management Plan.

An in-house website management plan is always the best because it allows you to make quick changes on the content without having to be dependent on your developer. Up to date information is vital in retaining and acquiring new clients as it shows commitment and improves customer confidence in your business. Updating the website may look as an uphill task to a layman but with the correct tools it can be easily done with minimal training or even no training at all. Your web developer should be in a position to advice on a content management system that will conveniently and effectively work for your business. There are a number of content management systems that you can chose from depending on the type and size of your business. These include:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Sitefinity
  • Concrete5
  • Prestashop
  1. You Don’t Need to Start from Scratch

Content management systems has provided an easy way to come up with basic websites with minimal customization and not necessarily starting from scratch. It however does not mean websites built from the same CMS act or look the same. CMS provide many ways to customize your website and add a lot of functionalities to your website by using either themes, plug-in or apps.

Building a website from scratch is much more expensive and difficult to manage, maintain and upgrade without the original developer.

Content management systems have been tested and used for many years. They offer community support portals that offer advice on any arising issues with your website. They are also flexible as they are designed to adapt to technological changes and future expansion.

  1. Ensure You Maintain Ownership

This is one of the most important aspects in web development, after the developer hands you the final product ensure it is accompanied by all documents such as licenses and agreements. Most importantly the elements of the website such as CMS licences, Apps, plug-in, domain name purchase, domain registration and web hosting should be in your name so that in case you part ways with the developer you are able to take control of your website and prove ownership when you need to renew licences or upgrade any components.