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A successful website guarantees your business incredible online presence which can save you a lot of money and time on marketing.  Our clients have extensively benefited from amazing website designs which boast of the following essential elements that is a must have for your website to be effective these include:

  1. Perfected Elevator Pitch

Did you know that 90% of visitors on you website are likely to spend less than seven seconds on your website during their first visit?  This literally means you have about 7 seconds to put across what you have to offer, to whom and why they should chose you. Ensure you hit the nail on the head and have your homepage say it all in a clear, brief and a compelling style. Always remember the goal is to put across a strong credible message in a shot span of time therefore make it count.

  1. Clear Call to Actions

After gaining the right amount of traffic then what next? This is where call to actions come in. You should ensure your call to actions are engaging to the visitors and entice them to take the next step while ensuring each step delivers information they are seeking for in a chronological manner until they achieve what they intended to, whether a purchase or inquiry. Another rule of the thumb is to ensure your contact details are in the top right-Conner of each page on your site and the links to the most valuable content are on the footer of each page.

  1. Track Your Conversions

Tracking your conversions is one of the most important essentials of a successful website because it allows one to determine the effectiveness of their website. It is important to track the number of visitors and how many of them made inquiries or sales so as to help determine the success or failure of the website and any necessary modifications needed to make it more effective in relation to the cost of achieving what has been achieved so far.

  1. Engaging ‘About Us’ Page

This is where most businesses get it wrong, as much as the about us page should highlight what you offer and who you are ensure that you factor out the benefits that your company offers to its clients. This will ensure the page is not only about the company but also about your client and how your company will be a meaningful addition to their lives.

  1. Deliver High-Quality Content

This is always the core aspect in marketing; a powerful design should always be complemented by high quality content. Ensure your content is well thought of, is instructive and compelling from the website copy to your email newsletters. Quality content always has the power to influence customer decisions and can easily give you the edge over your competitors with poorly written content.

  1. Gorgeous Visual Design

Human beings are by virtue compelled by visual designs and this could be the key to an increase in numbers of visitors to your website. A great visual appearance will always reflect your company in good light and can speak volumes on what you have to offer. Partnering with an experienced and professional web designer to help you come up with a custom design that will sell your individual brand and visually sell your idea to the clients is very vital at this point because it can be the key to distinguishing yourself from your competitors.

  1. Logical User Experience

Always keep in mind the purpose of building the website and make it your goal to ensure your website serves its purpose. Know what the visitors are seeking from your website and make sure it is made available to them in a clear and concise manner. Ensure your web designer does not only deliver beautiful designs but also built the website centered on the visitors point of view.

  1. Mobile Friendly Design

Considering the popularity of mobile devices and trends in browsing in this error responsive and or mobile sites has become a gold mine for those businesses that have chosen this path. When you are designing your website ensure you seek services of a professional web designer to help you identify if you need a responsive website or a custom mobile site with respect to the type of your business. A standard desktop website is a nightmare to mobile users and can easily cost your business in terms of number of visitors visiting your website.

  1. Robust CMS and Stable Structure

Website usability and performance is entirely dependent on the platform on which the website is built. The platform chosen should offer user-friendly content updating and client interaction modules. Most importantly it should contain readily available vital features such as simple content editing from all devices, SEO ready, fast load times, common among a large number of website developers and guaranteed support and frequent updates from developers. WordPress is a perfect example of a stable and Robust CMS.

  1. Plan Your Marketing Strategy

Getting online is just the beginning and doesn’t guarantee that the website will achieve its purpose. It is essential that you outline a strategy that will ensure you effectively relay your content to attract meaningful traffic and in turn convert the traffic to clients. In this stage it’s advisable to source the advice of a professional web developer to advice you on options such as search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media and email marketing and or pay-per-click. You can always try all options and settle for the one that best works for your business.

  1. Your Web Design Company

All said and done this is the part that determines whether your website will have the cutting edge over your competitor’s websites. The choice of your web developer has a great impact on the success of a website. Ensure your web design partner is well versed with all the above elements their experience in the field and their success rate. Don’t let the quotation blind you, Invest in a credible partner who can deliver in your business line with proven success record to ensure your website delivers the expected results.


IT IMPRESS has been a leading web design and developing company in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. Local and personalised web design and development services are essential for any business seeking to establish an online presence which can be a challenge to acquire in Australia. A local based developer is in a position to understand the market dynamics better and can offer technical support on the ground when needed considering web development is a continuing process and not a one of thing. We have a team of professionals with unmatched experience with a wide range of projects ranging from simple to complex web design projects.