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Social Media Marketing


Over the years the growth popularity of social networks has been on the rise with current trends showing that many Australians have accepted social network as part of their lives. Research shows that a huge percentage of the population use social networks for communication, entertainment and reviewing products. This shows that social media can create an incredible opportunity for businesses to get into direct contact with the target population without too much effort as compared to other marketing mediums available on the market today.

Examples of social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and various blogging forums.

Many businesses may argue that Social Media Marketing only requires setting up a Facebook page, a Twitter account, Instagram account or a blog but this is not the case.  It’s imperative to note that every business needs an innovative and modern approach to social media marketing considering its dynamic nature as compared to other conventional marketing techniques which is the reason each business should partner with an established Social Media Marketing expert to ensure their campaigns work and create an appealing presence across all the social media platforms.

IT IMPRESS understands this challenge has helped hundreds of businesses in Sydney and many parts of Australia effectively market their brands by setting up successful marketing  that have been able to attract audiences and make the required impact which has translated to maximum returns on investment.

Our team understands how Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms can promote your business and their limitations.

This is what has been the foundation of setting up our social media marketing strategies which ensure that the social networks work together towards a common goal of selling your brand in the best way possible. Our experience in this field has helped us point out that the social media community looks up to social media for entertainment, engagement and at some point rewards.  This has been the basis of our campaigns which without doubt guarantee your investment pays off.

Our Social media marketing team work towards building reliable clientele by increasing web traffic and in turn generate increased sales using the current market trends making IT IMPRESS a leading social media marketing services agency in Australia.

Our Social Media Services

IT IMPRESS offers the following social media services;

Strategy development

This forms the foundation of a successful social media campaign, a well planned strategy guarantees the returns on investment. Social media marketing is not all about creating a page on a social media and constantly updating it but ranges from acquiring fans to posting engaging content and ensuring users are able to like and share the content to their networks.

When you partner with us we will help you develop a social media campaign that will help you have a competitive advantage over your competitors by ensuring our team of professionals sit with your team in a bid to clearly understand your business process and goals and then perform a social audit on your existing campaigns and also competitors campaigns to ensure your brand stands out on top.

Facebook Page Management

We offer Facebook page management services which range from the basic setup of your Facebook page , creating your custom URL including your brand name, Profile Picture and Cover Photo designing, content upload and content optimization to ensure your page sells your brand by sending the right message to the fans and potential clients.

We assist our clients design and run competitions and contests on their pages which play a big role in making pages go viral and even set up rewarding schemes for loyal fans and apps that prompt fans to refer friends to receive promotion codes.

IT IMPRESS also offers page monitoring and moderating services as required so that you don’t have to worry on any offensive posts and dormant pages.

Instagram Account Management

Instagram has become an unstoppable force in the world of social networking with users constantly uploading pictures and commenting and liking other people pictures. ITIMPRESS can help you set up and manage your businesses Instagram account to ensure increased followers and user engagement which guarantees selling your brand to huge number of people.

Twitter Account Management

IT IMPRESS has helped hundreds of clients set up and manage their Twitter accounts to professionally help sell and retain their brands. We offer account setups and help clients design and run campaigns which help the businesses products and services to trend hence gaining more followers. We also offer integration with apps that will prompt users to register and even refer other users then rewarded with discounts or promotion codes.

Other social media accounts management

Apart from the major social media platforms discussed above we also help clients manage Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Plus considering we have a very experienced team of social media managers with years of experience in social media management.

Blogger Outreach

For years we have partnered with established bloggers from all walks of life in Australia which help us promote great products by providing their professional opinions with utmost integrity without bias. This strategy has been very effective considering the followers of the bloggers get first-hand information from their trusted sources which directly translate to increased sales.

Social Media Advertising

With the current trends in social media advertising it is important for businesses to come up with relevant ads that will help increase conversations.  Identifying the target market is one of the most important aspects of social media ads.

IT IMPRESS will help youanalyzee the target market and the social media behaviour of potential clients so as to ensure you come up with a marketing strategy that will work for your business.

Our team of professionals will also help you optimise your campaign to conform with the current technological trends and regulations a move which is paramount to ensure your ads target the relevant audience and have an effect on your conversion rate.

To ensure maximum return on investments the ads performance is constantly reviewed and amended so that they don’t become irrelevant with time.

All  business worry about the return on investment on their marketing investment (R.O.I ) . IT IMPRESS guarantee the R.O.I  for social media marketing investment .

IT IMPRESS social media marketing  Sydney  consultants  help you to come up with the right solution within your budget . All our social media marketing campaign are measurable and relevant to your business  .

IT IMPRESS is a Social Media Marketing agency based in Sydney and Melbourne we know how to utilize social media strategy to engage with more customers .

IT IMPRESS found as a one of the leading social media agency in Sydney ,Melbourne , we can able to come up with comprehensive social media marketing strategy and ensure that your business goals reached within the time frame and budget .

Our Social Media Marketing Service Includes

  • Individual Social Media Marketing Services
  • Social Media Marketing Package
  • Business-to-Business Social Media Marketing Solutions

We worked with small ,medium , large , enterprise level of business and also having a  social media marketing  packages for small business.

Apart from of your company’s size, we deliver attractive content that has a confirmed track record of attracting followers, fans  that turn into real  sales .

Our Social Media Marketing Process include the following steps

Step 1

Feasibility study and  initiate the business strategy

First of all we want to know all insight of your business . We can go out for a  coffee or lunch to gather more about your business and brand we will discuss  more about social media aim and objectives to reach success , content plan , conversation calendar schedule ,recommendation of appropriate social media marketing platforms , engagement ideas , competition , evaluation and reporting structure

Step 2

Social Media Marketing Launch

After analyzing your business we will provide you a business proposal with all insights ,if you are satisfied with our proposal the next step is implementation .

IT IMPRESS Social Media Marketing Sydney , Melbourne graphic designers, copywriters and digital marketing experts planned and  merge their skills  to make your social media marketing strategy into action .

Our Action Phase

  • Setting up of Social Media Marketing platforms
  • Social media advertising Engagement with fans and followers
  • Formation and endorsement of competitions

Step 3

Campaign optimization

  • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • Based on analytics results Interactions to the existing strategic plan
  • Future campaign optimizations

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