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We are in the IT Business since 2000 , over 16 years of experience we served 1000+ happy clients including enterprise businesses like LEBARA Mobile .( http://www.lebara.com.au/)

We especially aimed to help small to medium business to full fill their IT & Digital Marketing Needs .

On average, our clients have seen a 350 % increase in traffic to their new websites that we build. Most of our clients doubled their revenue within 1 month through our digital marketing campaign .

Statistics have shown that 61% of users now browse the web on their mobile devices and if your website is not mobile responsive than you could be missing out on potential customers.
We make sure that your website targets the customers that are looking for your business at that exact time which leads to higher inquiries & sales. On average our clients have seen a 500% increase in traffic to their new websites that we build.

Responsive Web Design
Mobile devices have become an integral part of the everyday human life, research shows that over 60% of the population now use their mobile phones for general browsing and accessing emails. With this in mind websites that can be viewed using a phone or tablet are no longer a luxury but a must have for all businesses. These websites are known as responsive websites.



Responsive Vs Regular Websites
Before people had adopted mobile devices for browsing responsive website design was unheard of as people used desktop computers or laptops. These websites could not be viewed comfortably on mobile phones as one would have to zoom in to view text or access links. This meant the websites were not user-friendly on mobile gadgets hence have negative effects on user experience which could in turn discourage users from revisiting the sites.
Having a non-responsive website could give your competitors edge over your business considering online marketing is now the most common form of marketing.
How Does Responsive Web Design Work?
This works by the developer designing the website with the attributes of elements of a web page such as the images are considered in relation to the screens of the devices that the website will be viewed on. This technique is coined to ensure that the user experience will be the same for users that use their mobile phones and tablets to those using desktops and laptops.
Will A Responsive Website Benefit My Business?
This goes without saying; if you are thinking of gaining a remarkable online presence then responsive web design is the way to go. Not only does responsive website improve user experience it’s an important aspect in SEO considering a notable number of Google searches are performed using mobile devices. A mobile friendly website will mean enormous traffic which in turn boosts the sales of your business. If you are running an e commerce website then you should heavily invest on a responsive website which will guarantee a friendly checkout process thus reduced cart desertion rate that can be as a result of a hectic checkout process. 

We Make SEO Friendly Websites

Search Engine Optimization is a method of improving the visibility of a website in search engines through organic search results, and is now a viable online marketing tool for a lot of businesses.
We are following design practices to improve a website’s SEO and ultimately their visibility. With these foundations in place, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing about your website you spent $$$.


Keywords are an important part of any search engine optimization campaign.
The process of creating Keywords

Create a list of potential keywords (i.e. words that are relevant but not overly used)
Input your proposed keywords into a keyword research tool (i.e. Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Word tracker, Word stream, etc)

Finalize your keyword list based on research (Create a list of both broad and targeted keywords)
Prepare them for launch (typically go after 3-4 related keywords per page) 

Keyword Placement

It’s important to get keywords on the right position on the page, but don’t overdo it. Here are the best places:

  • Title tag
  • Meta description and keywords
  • Website slogans
  • Navigation responsive-web-design-website
  • Breadcrumb trails
  • H1, H2 and H3 tags
  • Bullet points
  • Alt text
  • Title attribute on links
  • The main website copy
  • Internal links
  • Footer links
  • URL’s
  • File / folder names


Why choose IT IMPRESS?
For years we have boasted of a great reputation by offering outstanding and affordable designs to over 4000 clients coupled with unlimited revisions until the client is satisfied. We have a dedicated support team of professionals that ensure you have a smooth ride while managing your own website which is built on an easy to use content management system.
A successful website guarantees your business incredible online presence which can save you a lot of money and time on marketing. Our clients have extensively benefited from amazing website designs which boast of the following essential elements that is a must have for your website to be effective these include:
1. Perfected Elevator Pitch
Did you know that 90% of visitors on you website are likely to spend less than seven seconds on your website during their first visit? This literally means you have about 7 seconds to put across what you have to offer, to whom and why they should chose you. Ensure you hit the nail on the head and have your homepage say it all in a clear, brief and a compelling style. Always remember the goal is to put across a strong credible message in a shot span of time therefore make it count.
2. Clear Call to Actions
After gaining the right amount of traffic then what next? This is where call to actions come in. You should ensure your call to actions are engaging to the visitors and entice them to take the next step while ensuring each step delivers information they are seeking for in a chronological manner until they achieve what they intended to, whether a purchase or enquiry. Another rule of the thumb is to ensure your contact details are in the top right-Conner of each page on your site and the links to the most valuable content are on the footer of each page.
3. Track Your Conversions
Tracking your conversions is one of the most important essentials of a successful website because it allows one to determine the effectiveness of their website. It is important to track the number of visitors and how many of them made enquiries or sales so as to help determine the success or failure of the website and any necessary modifications needed to make it more effective in relation to the cost of achieving what has been achieved so far.
4. Engaging ‘About Us’ Page
This is where most businesses get it wrong, as much as the about us page should highlight what you offer and who you are ensure that you factor out the benefits that your company offers to its clients. This will ensure the page is not only about the company but also about your client and how your company will be a meaningful addition to their lives.
5. Deliver High-Quality Content
This is always the core aspect in marketing; a powerful design should always be complemented by high quality content. Ensure your content is well thought of, is instructive and compelling from the website copy to your email newsletters. Quality content always has the power to influence customer decisions and can easily give you the edge over your competitors with poorly written content.
6. Gorgeous Visual Design
Human beings are by virtue compelled by visual designs and this could be the key to an increase in numbers of visitors to your website. A great visual appearance will always reflect your company in good light and can speak volumes on what you have to offer. Partnering with an experienced and professional web designer to help you come up with a custom design that will sell your individual brand and visually sell your idea to the clients is very vital at this point because it can be the key to distinguishing yourself from your competitors.
7. Logical User Experience
Always keep in mind the purpose of building the website and make it your goal to ensure your website serves its purpose. Know what the visitors are seeking from your website and make sure it is made available to them in a clear and concise manner. Ensure your web designer does not only deliver beautiful designs but also built the website centred on the visitors point of view.
8. Mobile Friendly Design
Considering the popularity of mobile devices and trends in browsing in this error responsive and or mobile sites has become a gold mine for those businesses that have chosen this path. When you are designing your website ensure you seek services of a professional web designer to help you identify if you need a responsive website or a custom mobile site with respect to the type of your business. A standard desktop website is a nightmare to mobile users and can easily cost your business in terms of number of visitors visiting your website.
9. Robust CMS and Stable Structure
Website usability and performance is entirely dependent on the platform on which the website is built. The platform chosen should offer user-friendly content updating and client interaction modules. Most importantly it should contain readily available vital features such as simple content editing from all devices, SEO ready, fast load times, common among a large number of website developers and guaranteed support and frequent updates from developers. WordPress is a perfect example of a stable and Robust CMS.
10. Plan Your Marketing Strategy
Getting online is just the beginning and doesn’t guarantee that the website will achieve its purpose. It is essential that you outline a strategy that will ensure you effectively relay your content to attract meaningful traffic and in turn convert the traffic to clients. In this stage it’s advisable to source the advice of a professional web developer to advice you on options such as search engine optimisation (SEO), Social Media and email marketing and or pay-per-click. You can always try all options and settle for the one that best works for your business.

Your Web Design Company

All said and done this is the part that determines whether your website will have the cutting edge over your competitor’s websites. The choice of your web developer has a great impact on the success of a website. Ensure your web design partner is well versed with all the above elements their experience in the field and their success rate. Don’t let the quotation blind you, Invest in a credible partner who can deliver in your business line with proven success record to ensure your website delivers the expected results.


The following is what you should understand know about web development;

  1. Web Development is Not a “Once and Done” Project
    Web development is a continuing process considering the dynamic nature of technological trends. Getting your website online is only the first stage of its lifecycle; there will be need for constant updates in relation to the growth of your business and also change in digital demands and trends. Your web developer of choice should be able to advise you on the current web development trends and the evolving nature of web technologies which is primarily the reason why you should not compromise on the initial cost of getting your business online because it may mean larger costs in the long run. Ensure the developers will commit to future support and maintenance therefore you should consider hiring a local developer experienced and well versed with the design and development process.
    2. Keep User Experience at the Heart of Web Development
    A slick and stylish website doesn’t mean the website is going to achieve it purpose. Although it is essential for your website to look good to complement your brand too much pomp and colour can have adverse effects on the performance of the website. Unnecessary effects should be kept out of the way and large file sizes such as videos and or code can slow down page load times which can put off users. Ensure it is always an easy ride for the end user when navigating your website in search for something and should guide them through transactions in an intuitive way. There is no point of having a beautiful website that does not achieve its purpose of creation therefore ensure with the help of a web developer you analyze the needs of your business and come up with an end product that will be a success.
    3. Have a Management Plan.
    An in-house website management plan is always the best because it allows you to make quick changes on the content without having to be dependent on your developer. Up to date information is vital in retaining and acquiring new clients as it shows commitment and improves customer confidence in your business. Updating the website may look as an uphill task to a layman but with the correct tools it can be easily done with minimal training or even no training at all. Your web developer should be in a position to advice on a content management system that will conveniently and effectively work for your business. There are a number of content management systems that you can chose from depending on the type and size of your business.

These include:

  • WordPress
  • Prestashop
  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Sitefinity
  • Concrete5
  1. You Don’t Need to Start from Scratch

Content management systems has provided an easy way to come up with basic websites with minimal customization and not necessarily starting from scratch. It however does not mean websites built from the same CMS act or look the same. CMS provide many ways to customize your website and add a lot of functionalities to your website by using either themes, plug-in or apps.

Building a website from scratch is much more expensive and difficult to manage, maintain and upgrade without the original developer.Content management systems have been tested and used for many years. They offer community support portals that offer advice on any arising issues with your website. They are also flexible as they are designed to adapt to technological changes and future expansion.

5. Ensure You Maintain Ownership
This is one of the most important aspects in web development, after the developer hands you the final product ensure it is accompanied by all documents such as licenses and agreements. Most importantly the elements of the website such as CMS licences, Apps, plug-in, domain name purchase, domain registration and web hosting should be in your name so that in case you part ways with the developer you are able to take control of your website and prove ownership when you need to renew licences or upgrade any components.

WordPress and Woocommerce experts

IT IMPRESS is your ideal partner when you are in need of an out of the box customized web solution for your business. Our team of professionals boast of years of experience in building responsive WordPress and woo commerce websites. WordPress and WooCommerce are considered the future of website solutions considering their robustness and flexibility capped with the ability to accommodate advanced functionality to suit every business needs. Get in touch for a quote today.
 Reasons Why WordPress and WooCommerce Are the Future of web development
WordPress has since evolved from a simple solution designed for bloggers to one of the most cost-effective content management tool to ever built using an open source framework. The functionality and flexibility offered by WordPress in unquestionable considering its ability to work with numerous theme designs and plug-ins. Many businesses and web developers have since adopted WordPress as their default CMS for website development.
The following are the reasons why WordPress and WooCommerce stand out as powerful content management tools ever;
WordPress is Open Source
As opposed to many content management systems available which require a license and an annual fee, WordPress is open source and free for anyone to use. WordPress has a huge global community of developers who update the framework day in day out which guarantees updated security patches and new functionalities. Proprietary CMS solutions are costly and rarely provide updates which make them susceptible to security threats and even being outdated as technology advances
WooCommerce and WordPress Offer the Best of Both Worlds Adding e-commerce functionality to an existing website can be very challenging and costly and in some cases it may require the website to be completely rebuilt using an e-commerce framework however with WordPress you can easily integrate your existing website with the official WordPress shopping cart plug-in i.e. WooCommerce this is always a plus as you will have an e-commerce website with the mix of a flexible and robust content management system whit a whole lot of functionalities considering most e-commerce frameworks out there lack the ability to function as reliable content management systems.
WordPress is scalable
WordPress has greatly benefited from the large community of developers providing constant updates and Plug-ins which ensures you are able to add and advanced functionality of your website without much hustle regardless of the type of functionality. With WordPress you are assured that you will not be rebuilding a new website each time your requirements evolve.
WordPress is secure and its features can be easily updated
WordPress websites are less susceptible to cyber attacks because of the constant updates and security patches developed by the open source community. With WordPress websites you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues considering the frequent updates will always counter the technological advances both web browsers and mobile software’s. WordPress updates do not require complex mechanisms and technical knowhow to be rolled out as they can be run by just a click of a button.
WordPress provides room for customization
WordPress offers many website design capabilities that can be customized to fit the branding and purpose of the website regardless of the type of business. It is not necessarily that one has to choose from a list of predefined templates as many are led to believe but WordPress offers the option of a totally customized website.
WordPress is user centered
WordPress is designed to ensure users have an easy time during content management. If offers an insightful and user-friendly interface as compare to other platforms which are cumbersome to use and requires high level of technical expertise to use. WordPress also provides SEO plug-ins to enable users to manage SEO services without expert’s intervention. It also offers a wide range of features with respective materials to help business owners manage their business without much hustle. 

Web Design Services

Motivated by the desire to ensure that our clients launch a successful online presence campaign, our team of professionals will always ensure that you have the most effective website you can wish for. One of our core objectives of IT IMPRESS is to ensure our clients exploit the power of the internet to effectively and efficiently market their businesses without putting in extra efforts and exorbitant resources.Australia’s go to web design company .
IT IMPRESS team of professional’s boast of vast experience gained over years by ensuring over 4000 businesses make a mark online in Australia. We are well versed with the latest marketing trends combined with out of the box designs to ensure your website will not fall short. We believe in client centered designs hence be rest assured we will take our time to understand your business, target market and competition then come up with an invaluable website that will achieve your marketing goals without much hustle.
Plan your website from the ground up
Once you get in touch with us all you need to do is sit back relax and let us deliver your dream website whether a robust ecommerce website or an information website. IT IMPRESS will not only design you a website but ensure your business is elegantly branded; website is gracefully developed and also marketed. Our websites are built on WordPress which has proved to be a resourceful tool when designing custom designs to predefined designs ranging from newsletters, business content to menus and even prices to name but a few.
We develop the website –you manage the content driven by the desire to ensure our clients have full access to the content of their websites, we have based our development on the best content management system in the planet that offers paramount flexibility and freedom. Our websites are built on WordPress which gives you an option to update your content around the clock from any device.

IT IMPRESS has been a leading web design and developing company in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. Local and personalised web design and development services are essential for any business seeking to establish an online presence which can be a challenge to acquire in Australia. A local based developer is in a position to understand the market dynamics better and can offer technical support on the ground when needed considering web development is a continuing process and not a one of thing. We have a team of professionals with unmatched experience with a wide range of projects ranging from simple to complex web design projects.Aspects of web development that businesses need to know Websites are a crucial element of businesses and can be viewed as the focal point of information and business interaction.

The following are the functions of the website:

  • Acts as an online business listing with full contact details
  • It is a catalog presenting all the services and products offered
  • It is the sales pitch stating why clients should chose your business over other businesses
  • It is a support portal complete with FAQs and important information for existing and potential clients
  • It is the businesses voice and can be used to offer professional advice, news and opinion.
  • It is the means by which new clients learn about your business
  • Assist customers to acquire your services round the clock

With the above functions in mind it is essential to partner with a proficient web developer so as to ensure your website is a success.