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Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Web Analytics

We can help you plan, manage and optimise your online marketing campaigns, pinpointing areas for improvement.
The outcome is reliable & consistent reporting with data and insights to help you make better business decisions.

Our analytics services include:

  • Measurement strategy
  • Analytics set up & configuration
  • Developing custom reports
  • Reporting, analysis and insights
  • Analytics can be extended to track
  • Website performance
  • Mobile apps

Marketing effectiveness from other channels (both offline and online)
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How Does Google Rank Your Site?

A quality score of between 1 and 10 is calculated every time your keyword matches a customer’s search. This quality score multiplied by your keyword’s maximum CPC (Cost-Per-Click) bid will determine if your ad is seen, in what position (Ad Rank) and at what cost. For this reason achieving high quality scores will have a huge impact on your campaign’s performance with higher positions, more clicks and lower costs.


Your keyword’s past click through rate (CTR)
Your display URL’s past CTR
Overall account CTR
The quality of your landing page
Your keyword relevance to your ad
Your keyword relevance to the customer’s search
Geographic performance in targeted region
Performance on targeted devices

Conversion Driven Campaigns That Deliver Measurable ROI Results

We develop and manage Conversion Focused Search Engine Marketing programs. Our goal is always to deliver measurable, profitable and quantifiable results that deliver your business revenue growth with your target audience.

Lead Generation

Lead generation services are particularly suited for businesses that provide products or services to other businesses. We do help supply quality leads. We can also provide business building strategies so that you brand is visible.
You can make the power of a range of proven and effective techniques to bring targeted traffic to your site and generate sales leads. This leaves you free to manage your business without the stress of chasing up new customers.

Our typical lead generation services include:

  • Direct response online marketing & testing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Database building
  • Email marketing: including campaign development, copy writing & delivery
  • The key ingredient to generating sales leads online is to:
  • Ensure your website is found by the right customers

Ensure your website clearly highlights contact details and has a facility to capture names. The best systems are those that are cost effective, comply with anti-spam laws and allow you to efficiently control them.
Monitor, test and measure what things are working and refine the things things aren’t

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