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Paid Search Management (PPC, SEM)

PPC is one of effective online marketing strategies that can successfully generate traffic to your website.  The effectiveness of a PPC advertising strategy depends primarily on a thorough understanding of the clients’ business model and goals.

It is important to partner with a marketing partner that understands this marketing strategy properly so as to ensure a cost effective campaign.

IT IMPRESS has been a leading Sydney based company in managing and optimizing PPC campaigns for hundreds of clients in Australia.

For years IT IMPRESS has delivered working media plans that have ensured our clients get the value of their money by employing cost-effective and client centered approaches to ensure all aspects of the business are taken into consideration.

This process involves our team of professionals meeting with the client’s team to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business goals ranging from short term, medium term and long term goals. This information will be used to come up with a strategy to keep the goals in check and beat competition to the top spot.


Ad Words & PPC Management

Pay per click is a results-driven online marketing strategy considering you pay for the results and the ads that a potential client finds when searching for goods related to what you offer. To ensure maximum traffic and conversion rate is important to understand the customer needs and their expectations when they choose to activate that link or the enticing Ad Word.

This means IT IMPRESS ensures it goes beyond traffic generation but to the extent of ensuring you actually sell and deliver. Our team is well conversant with the newest techniques and trends for exploiting the power of online ads.  Our experience in this field has formed the basis of our exemplary cost effective PPC advertising campaigns which has always guaranteed our partners’ generation of qualified traffic from prospects who use certain keywords and in turn increase your sales when users land on your site.


Why choose IT IMPRESS ?

  • We are an Ad Words certified agency
  • Our team is made up of able and qualified professionals endowed with various certifications from Google Ad Words and Google Analytics to mention but a few.
  • We have comprehensive knowledge on online marketing tools, optimization strategies and technological advancements in the field
  • We have a proven record in Australia having partnered with clients in the fields of e-commerce, finance, insurance and law.



This is a form of online marketing that targets to increase revenue by helping the company generate traffic to their website through paid search.  Considering the popularity of internet based solutions for accessing services and selling products most companies have resorted to online marketing and selling of goods which in turn has made it difficult for companies to achieve a considerate amount of sales without having to put on extra effort.

To achieve maximum sales from your website you will need to partner with a trusted and capable partner that can efficiently handle your online marketing needs without having to dig too deep in your pockets. IT IMPRESS has been a SEM champion for years partnering with established organisations in Australia in different business niches to handle their SEM marketing needs with a proven record of huge and successful SEM campaigns. Based in Sydney, we guarantee you that we are aware of all the market trends and technological advancements in the Australian market.

We utilize performance based approach with the option of customisation of the services we provide by ensuring our team of professionals work hand in hand with your in-house team to ensure all aspects of your business are taken into consideration. IT IMPRESS will not only help you generate traffic to your website but also ensure you have a high conversion rate.

Advantages of partnering with IT IMPRESS for your SEM needs

  • Assured growth of the number of potential clients that reach your website everyday
  • High returns on investment in relation to the number of people reached without going to other conventional marketing tools
  • Guaranteed visibility to potential clients during products search ahead of your competitors

Our experience in SEM has helped us come up with fool proof strategies and identify the tools required for effective SEM campaigns.  For years we have employed the following tools in our SEM campaigns;

  • Exemplary SEO strategies
  • Pay per click and Ad words
  • Paid and non social media advertising

IT IMPRESS strategies have been very effective and have delivered huge success to our clients by ensuring their websites are always on top of the search engine rankings thereby getting easily noticed by potential customers hence increasing the likeliness of adding the traffic to the clientele list.

The steps in our approach include strategy development, campaign planning and Implementation

  1. Strategy Development

The core objective of this stage is to get to identify with the business and its objectives. Our team research on the existing campaigns and do an audit of the same to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current campaign and the likeliness of either adapting it or starting an entirely new SEM campaign. It is during this stage that channels, devices and ad formats that guarantee maximum return on investment are identified.

  1. Campaign Planning

During this stage our SEM team analyse the competition and identify their strengths and what can be done to curb them. The team also come up with campaigns that are likely to fulfil either the short term, medium or long term objectives of the business.

  1. Implementation

At this stage the team is ready to develop implement the various optimization strategies putting in consideration the findings the development and planning stage.

A report is also done at this point to pinpoint the findings and the recommendation for the same and finally implement and test the strategies to optimise and adapt for maximum return on investment.


PPC is an online marketing model based on the use of  search engines and social media . When user clicks on the advertisement  fee is charged otherwise you no need to pay for impressions .These type of  advertisements are called   “sponsored ads”  or  “sponsored links” and appear  above or below the natural organic search results . In Google you can differentiate these type of adds  having  Ad sign in the URL page .

Impressions means how many times your add show up to clients via browser or mobile apps .

You can able to set up your daily budget and monthly budget to maximize the target audience .

Some specific keywords having very much competition you need to bid  more than  $20 per single click .

The  amount you spend per one  click is not constant ,it is a variable based on the keyword , location and number of bids  it will vary time to time .

SEM is the one of the  most cost-effective new client acquisition strategy .

Internet marketing experts say compare to the  other marketing like  internet display banners, affiliate, sponsorship  or offline media  radio ,Television,  print,   the cost per new client is very low  .

IT IMPRESS Pay Per Click  offers a full  range SEM solution and we  will provide keyword research ,competitor analysis and, support from campaign strategy, right through to campaign management and weekly ,monthly add performance  reporting. 

PPC Advantages

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Through efficient interaction improve website user  experience
  • Increase online engagement enquirers ,leads, sales
  • Build targeted traffic volumes
  • Increase in Client database and Build subscribers
  • Provide accurate lead, sales or engagement tracking.

Landing Pages Analysis

This study include finalizing the keywords ,website loading time , crawl errors, look and feel of your website , competitor advantage, information architecture, usability testing ,easy of buying ,etc .

Campaign Setup


Using Google Keyword planner we find more than 100 keywords afterward delete irrelevant  key words  and make cost effective PPC campaign .

Campaign Types

PPC Solutions We Offer:

  • Google AdWords and Management
  • Facebook Advertising and Management
  • Bing Ads and Management
  • LinkedIn Advertising and Management
  • Twitter Advertising and Management
  • Display Advertising
  • Google AdWords Re marketing
  • Facebook Re targeting
  • Google Shopping
  • Dynamic Re-marketing

Campaign Management

We provide summary of Campaign  Reports(  best-performing keywords, traffic analysis ,CTRs, CPCs ) using Google Analytics .

On an ongoing basis  we monitor and enhance your campaign .

IT IMPRESS  expert team of  Search Engine Marketing  professionals will give you all details of your campaign and opportunities on how to maximize  the leads within your marketing budgets.

AdWords Campaign Management involves

  • Campaign ad copy
  • Bid management
  • Budget and Performance management
  • CTR management


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Google AdWords™ and  Management

The advantage of Google AdWords is only pay when users click to visit your website .
We can set up a Google AdWords account for your business and increase the website viewers according to your budget.
Our Australian Google AdWords™ team will save you time and help you get more from your campaign.

Our services include:

  • Campaign set up
  • Competitor research
  • Identifying the best most relevant keywords for your campaign
  • Writing compelling ad copy
  • Adjusting bids
  • Google Analytics integration with Google AdWords™
  • AdWords™ campaign management and campaign optimization
  • Tracking conversions
  • Data analysis and insights

Speak to a Google AdWords™ Qualified Consultant to find out how we can help improve your experience and get results for your business.

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Facebook Advertising  

Half of all Australians have joined Facebook.
Facebook is a powerful channel to build your brand and generate business. You most likely are aware that the time spent on Facebook now exceeds the time Australians spend an any other site.
You might even want to know the ins and outs of managing a Facebook Advertising campaign.
Ads being disapproved (approximately a third of all ads are)
We can manage your Facebook Advertising with our Facebook Advertising Management Services. We will save you time and manage your Facebook Advertising campaign to you doesn’t have to deal with:

  • Improving your response rate
  • Sourcing and creating images
  • Rotating and refreshing your images (this sometimes needs to be done daily)
  • Writing Compelling Ad copy
  • Finding your ideal audience
  • Matching the right message to the right target audience

Testing the best pages to send your advertising to Magic happens once your campaign is set up correctly. You can expect more sales and more leads and better conversions.

Contact us to find out how our expertise in Facebook Advertising can enhance your business,

Twitter Ads drive leads at one-third of the cost of other paid channels. But knowing how to build your ad campaigns for optimum performance can be challenging. We are here to help you

Our services include:

  • Target new prospects with pinpoint precision
  • Generate leads with Twitter cards
  • Create campaigns that sell
  • Measure and evaluate your success

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LinkedIn Advertising and Management 

It is highly recommended to use LinkedIn  paid advertising channel who is planning to market their products or services direct to businesses . LinkedIn is a very flexible and convenient marketing strategy to catch the exact client .

LinkedIn  professional network having more than 300 million professional members in the globe and more than 5 million professionals in Australia .

More than 65% of business professionals successfully achieved their business goals via LinkedIn marketing campaign

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Twitter Advertising and  Management

We Are Your Twitter Ad Agency in Sydney

Target the right audience via Twitter 

Twitter  has over  229 Million active users per month  and more than  2 billion tweets every five days

IT IMPRESS clear-cut Twitter campaign targeting options help you reach more people who are likely to be interested in your business.

Target by

  • Keywords
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Language
  • @usernames
  • Device

Setting up Twitter Campaign for your business

Step 1

Preliminary  analysis  of your goals and business objective

Step 2

Finding the  target audience

Step 3

Setting up the budget according to the target audience and business objective  .

Step 4

Measure the outcome and optimize the result

  • Followers
  • Tweet engagements
  • Reach more people and drive conversation
  • Leads on Twitter
  • Drive results that grow your business
  • Measure success with comprehensive analytics
  • Target the right audience
  • Website clicks/conversions
  • Grow your community on Twitter
  • Send people to your site (to purchase, sign up, etc.)


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